Facility Safety

We are commited to the safety of all of our customers, as well as those around our facility. Therefore, we require that all airsoft guns are transported into our building in a gun case or bag, or otherwise fully concealed from public view.
Additionally, while inside the facility we require that all airsoft guns are fitted with a barrel sock safety device. This eliminates the risk of accidental firing of bb’s within our goggle-free areas. These items are for sale at minimal cost in our Pro Shop and are strictly enforced at our field.


Safety Briefing

  • All AEG’s must chrono at 365 FPS with a .20 gram BB. HPA guns must chrono at 320 FPS with a .20 gram BB.
  • Full seal goggles must be worn at all times while on the field.
  • NO mesh lenses on the field, if you have mesh lenses just ask the field counter for safety glasses to wear under them.
  • SEMI-AUTO ONLY on the field.
  • NO burst fire or half trigger fires, tri-shot shotguns are OK.
  • Do not climb on or over any of the obstacles or walls, and no jumping through windows.
  • There is NO limited engagement distance on the field, safety kills are optional to give AND receive.
  • No physical contact on the field.
  • Grenades can ONLY be thrown underhand. They can not be thrown over walls.
  • Grenades can only be used for their manufactured purpose. Thunder B’s are ONLY distraction devices, regardless of if there are BB’s in the container or not. Only Cyclones/Tornado variants act as a “kill”. If one explodes in the room you are in, all players are “KIA” in the room.
  • No Pyrotechnics indoors, and NO propane.
  • Players under 18 years old MUST have a lower face mask. Mouth cutouts are not permitted under 18. (We will ID)
  • Do not attempt to exit the field through the back exit doors, the ONLY entrance and exit to the field is at the Chrono room (unless there is an emergency).
  • No bonus balling, players purposely bonus balling will be seen as intentionally trying to harm another player, and will be removed from the game, and potentially banned from the facility.
  • NO firing BEFORE the beginning air-horn, and NO firing AFTER the final air-horn. If you need to empty your barrel at the end of the game, you can do so at the barrel before you exit the field. Anyone who shoots before or after the air-horns will be removed from the field, or will sit the next game.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in, but are not limited to, removal from the field, being told to sit out for a game, or removal from the session entirely, with no refunds. Furthermore, anyone who is excessively breaking a rule in an extreme way may result in permanent bans, and in worst case scenarios any property damage or intentionally harming another person will result in the Police being involved.
**Management's decision is final in all cases.

Staging Area

  • All guns must be set to SAFE.
  • Barrel socks must be on all guns, and pistols must be holstered.
  • Magazines must be out of all guns until the player enters the field.
  • To enter the arena, a player must have their gun set to safe, a barrel sock on, magazine out, and an entry wristband.
    Once a player is on the field they can remove their barrel sock and insert a magazine.

New Players - Read This!

  • When you get shot, yell “HIT” and wave your arm so the person shooting at you knows that you are out.
  • When you are hit, walk with 1 or both hands above your head back to the respawn building. Yell “HIT” consistently while traveling back to the respawn building, and specifically when you are turning corners to avoid being shot while you are already out.
  • If your mask fogs up while you are playing, walk out to the chrono room with your hands up as if you’re hit to defog your goggles.

Public Sessions

All guns must chrono at 1.24 Joules of Energy, compensating for Joule creep. Allowable BB speeds are as follows:
.20g BB: 365 fps
.23g BB: 340 fps
.25g BB: 326 fps
.28g BB: 308 fps 
.30g BB: 298 fps
.32g BB: 283 fps

*BB’s over .32g are not allowed.

.27 “glass” Silicone bb’s are not allowed.

Cheating or unsportsman like conduct will result in removal from field or facility, as determined by our field managing staff.

You will receive a safety briefing at the beginning of every session's first game.