Public Party Package

$335.00 $250.00

The Public Party Package is a special rate we offer groups of 5 or more who are looking to play with the public session. This base package includes 5 Four Hour Admissions , 5 Rental Guns, 5 Masks, and 5 Vests. Rental Guns include unlimited ammo for the session. No reservation is required!! Additional participants can be added to the package at $50 per person upon arrival with the pre-purchase of this ticket. Speak to management at the facility if you would like to rent a party room for your group, however groups of 10 or more will be given a complimentary party room.



Have extra party members?! No worries! Speak to management upon arrival to add them to your package at the same rate!

This ticket entitles one player admission to the public session for which it is purchased. Airsoft sessions are time blocks during which airsofter’s join together and form teams to compete against each other in airsoft games and scenarios. Each session includes about (2-3) 15 minute games per hour, and reloading/hydrating time between games.  Airsoft games are not elimination based and players of all skill levels and experience will be represented on all teams to the best of our abilities.

“How to”
Present your confirmation email at registration for entry!

We do NOT offer refunds.