5/2/2020 USANA Big Game!




The small country of Kasnia has succumbed to Corporate Greed and its new leadership has implemented a mandatory disarmament of the people in order to protect it’s “assets” from S.K.I.P Defense Group who suppose to have evidence of a rigged election. The Minister and his deep pockets have backed S.K.I.P members into a small “off-the-grid” facility that seems to be an “insurgent training facility”, known only as USANA. S.K.I.P Members must take their last stand and spread the word, or face a crushing defeat at the hands of greed. Reports from Corvus Spies, indicate S.K.I.P. has developed a form of Biological weapon, known as the Meyers virus. The Sentinels are tasked with suppressing the pending insurrection and recovering the virus.

Corvus Sentinels (Camo Based Top/Bottom) (Gear of any kind)

S.K.I.P Defense Group (Flat Colors Top/Bottom) (Gear of any kind)


-Full seal eye protection at all times. Under 18 must have hard cover over lower half of face. 18 and over must have something to cover their lower face. 
-Barrel covers are required in safe areas such as parking lot. Magazines will be removed, and clear anything in the chamber while still on the designated game field.

-Biodegradable ammo is required for all outdoor games. Currently there are no weapon type restrictions, as long as it fires a biodegradable smooth spherical bb within the required joule limit. 
-Standard limits are 1.85 joules for rifles and saws with a minimum engagement of 15 feet.
-DMR/Sniper limits are 2.35 joules for fixed semi DMR with a MED of 50 feet and 2.85 joules for bolt action sniper rifles with an MED of 75 feet. 
-Full travel blowback pistols do not have a minimum engagement distance, but may not use full auto.
-Knife kills can only be done with a rubber/training knife approved by the staff in advance and they may never be thrown at another player. When a player is hit with a knife kill, they must go back to respawn immediately and quietly regardless of their hit status.
-No homemade grenades or smokes. Must be cold burning and at permission of host field.

– Grenades have a 10 ft kill radius upon detonation and bbs exiting the grenade. The grenade must eject bbs, and look like a grenade. 

-A thunder b shaped like flashbang does not count as a kill, and neither does a thunderflash, those are distraction only. 
-Chalk marking grenades may be used to disable/destroy specialty vehicles and bunkers, otherwise fall under the distraction category. 

-Blindfire is prohibited and can result in being removed from the game.

-Surrender is an option when you have caught a player dead to rights under the minimum engagement distance. It is within a players best interest to accept the surrender take out the red rag and call their hit. If a player decides to fight the surrender, they should be prepared for the consequences. Not immediately acknowledging the Surrender call counts as an attempt to fight back. Semi only at these ranges. 

-All players hit by a bb to either body or gear are counted as hit. Gun hits must be called out, but do not count as a player hit (unless it was not currently in use). When hit a player must take out a dead rag that is red in color to signify that have been hit. There is a 3 minute bleed out time then the player returns to respawn. The Hit player cannot talk except to call for a medic until they are either revived or respawned. 

-The medic takes uses a supplied medic bandage and wraps it thin and high around one of the hit players limbs. Upon the callout “healed!” the player is back in the game until being hit again. After being hit the second time the player takes out their red rag and goes directly to respawn.

-There is no physical contact unless otherwise agreed upon for the purpose of the game. In which case it will only be between players and role players. There is no player to player physical contact with the exception of knife kills and dragging an injured buddy.

Run by Marines Elite Airsoft, and Sponsored by Strikeforce South. This outdoor game will be held at USANA MTC located at

224 Sand Bridge Rd, Elmer, NJ 08318

This ticket entitles one player admission to the public session for which it is purchased. Airsoft sessions are time blocks during which airsofter’s join together and form teams to compete against each other in airsoft games and scenarios. Airsoft games are not elimination based and players of all skill levels and experience will be represented on all teams to the best of our abilities.

“How to”
Present your confirmation email at registration for entry!

Please arrive for registration by 09:00

Chrono by 09:30

Briefing by 10:00

StartGAME by 11:00

Lunch Break by 13:00

PauseEX 17:00

Phase2 begins at 18:00

EndEx 20:00

Please bring, multiple batteries, mags

Food truck will be on premises, plenty of water, and snacks to last you through the day.

We do NOT offer refunds.